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Wild Hearts is a personal project which focuses on Britain’s native breed horses and ponies.

For the last 18 months I have been photographing these rare breeds across the country, capturing both semi-wild and domesticated horses and ponies on film. I hope that “Wild Hearts” will raise the profile of native breeds, some of which are facing possible extinction. With a passionate message of conservation at it’s heart, the project aims to encourage people to support these vulnerable breeds, either by protecting them in their natural environment or by buying a registered pony – a step which could help save these rare breeds.

I have been overwhelmed by the support for “Wild Hearts” from horse and art lovers alike. I have received so many messages from people telling me about herds of native breed horses or ponies in their local area as well as from people who own rare breeds and who have offered to have them photographed.

The support of the horse world and the wider community who live side by side with these beautiful animals has been quite overwhelming. Once the project is complete there will be a gallery show and the photographs will be collated into a stunning fine art book and some of the proceeds will be donated to the rare breed trust. 

If you would like your rare breed horse or pony to be photographed by Esther Marie and featured in her book please apply using the form below.

Please be aware that not everyone who applies for the project will be chosen as I only a select number of spaces available for each breed.

If your application is successful you will be contacted and we can start planning the session. Good Luck!  


“Let their wild hearts roam Free and plenty over this promised land forever more”.

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    Horses and Ponies who are currently on the Rare Breed Society Trust at risk list- 

    • Dales Pony – Critical (less than 300)
    • Cleveland Bay Horse – Critical (less than 300)
    • Eriskay Pony – Critical (less than 300)
    • Hackney Horse & Pony – Critical (less than 300)
    • Suffolk Horse- Critical (fewer than 300)
    • Exmoor Pony – Endangered (300-500)
    • Dartmoor Pony Endangered (300-500)
    • Clydesdale Horse Vunerable (500 – 900)
    • Fell Pony – Vulnerable (500 – 900)
    • Highland Pony – Vulnerable (500 – 900)
    • New Forest Pony – At risk (900-1500)
    • Shire Horse – At risk (900-1500)

    Here’s a little video from my adventure photographing the Eriskay Pony’s for my Wild Hearts book.



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    Beautiful photography celebrating you, your horse and the connection you share.


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