I was absolutely overwhelmed when I found out the other week at the British Institute of Professional Photography Awards that I had won first place award for one of my Wild Hearts photographs.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore meeting and photographing my amazing clients and their animals, but from an early age, I have always been wracked with self-doubt, lack of confidence and worry. It’s a terrible thing to have as a young person through to an adult; I have learned to mask my insecurities and smile.

Being a creative person, time to time they can rear their ugly head. It can lead all kinds of anguish, questions and self-doubt about my work and so much more! 

You may wonder why I am telling you all this? I’m telling you because I meet a lot of like-minded people some are aspiring photographers others might have a different burning dream to achieve in their life but they all have that same, self-doubt affliction, which stops them dead in their track and get the equivalent of writer’s block.

A good friend once told me “Esther bite your lip, ride the storm and do it anyway”. It’s probably the best piece of advice I’ve ever had! (Apart from my Dad’s advice about driving on motorways, (before sat nav) – ” Esther if you get lost on the motorway, just head for Leeds”!) 

I have always tried to live by this and move forward and out of my comfort zone, towards my goals. It can be scary, hard and not easy but last week when I won that award, it gave me a huge sense of pride in myself and my abilities and that piece of advice that was given to me in my early twenties resonated with me.

I’ve by no means achieved everything I want to do within my photography career and have lots more to do yet but, I wanted to say If I can do it,  as an Introverted photographer, I’m sure you can too! So bite your lip, ride the storm do things out of your comfort zone and have faith in yourself (and switch your Sat Nav on!). 

You really can achieve anything you want, you just have to walk towards it.

Esther x