Every picture tells a story. That is so true and it’s certainly the driving force behind each one of my photography sessions.  My objective is to capture the essence of your pet or horse’s personality at the same time as creating a time-defying imprint of the special relationship you share with them.  Quite simply I try to capture a moment in time that tells your unique story.

Equally as important to me is the presentation of your photography, I want every last detail to be perfect. The special archival fine art paper that I use, the bespoke made frames and the exquisite individually designed leather-bound albums are all handcrafted in the UK by master craftsmen.  I choose to work with the very best craftsmen to ensure that you receive keepsake pieces that you will cherish for a lifetime.

With that in mind, I thought you may like to see some of the different ways you can choose to display the artwork of your beloved pet or horse.  Still one of the most popular and impactful ways is to mount your artwork on the wall.  The photographs you choose from your photography session can be displayed as floating canvas, acrylics or within handcrafted frames.  The photographs are printed on museum quality archival paper which I choose specifically to ensure they are protected from any environmental damage and so are made to last a lifetime. 

If you are opting for a frame, you can then choose a style which suits the style and décor of your home and your photography is bespoke framed by one of the trusted experts I work with.  I simply love creating beautiful wall art for my clients, knowing that every time they walk through their home., the artwork will catch their eye and allow them to remember a very special day with their four-legged friend.  

Personally, I am always torn between opting to display a single centrepiece photograph as a showcase statement piece; or displaying what I call “story collections” of photographs – a selection of photographs from the shoot, framed in the same style and designed to be displayed together.  These are photographs telling the story of your pet – his (or her!) different moods and personality traits, a story summarising the very essence of him.  I suppose the best solution would be to opt for both! 

If you have some clear favourites during your photography viewing session then opting for the wall art is a somewhat easier choice but if you just simply can’t choose, then a beautiful alternative which allows you to display more of your photography is to opt for a handmade wooden folio display box. 

In this you can exhibit a number of mounted photographs, or another option is to display your chosen images in a hand-bound leather album or coffee table book. 

And not forgetting those intimate little corners of your home that are just crying out for a gorgeous photograph of your furry family member, you can also choose charming “little extras” such as an 8 x 6 mounted fine art print.  For more information on all the artwork options, check out my artwork page

If you would simply love to share the experience of a photography session with your horse or pet, or know someone who would, don’t forget that I offer gift voucher options, which might be worth mentioning to Santa or to your significant other!  For horse lovers I offer gift voucher packages for horse and rider, fine art and deluxe “signature” sessions; and for those of you whose pets have paws instead of hooves I offer location or studio shoots and a special “Golden Years” shoot for our fabulous golden oldies. 

I hope you have found this little guide to my artwork useful and if I can help at all, please feel free to give me a call on 01706 846714 and I’ll do my very best to help


Esther X