As some of you will know our beautiful Ruby Lou is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

She’s a funny little girl who has a brave, loving heart. Many years ago when she was only a puppy, she was attacked by two dogs as we walked past our local shop, it was a horrendous experience something which I still relive to this day.

Due to the attack we nearly lost her, but she battled through and it took over a year to rehabilitate her but seven years on and she is full of fun and happiness although she is still very worried about larger dogs.

Last year I joined a Facebook group called North West Cavaliers hoping that it would benefit Ruby in some way. I’ve met lots of lovely people and one of the great things they do is organise meet ups for dogs and their owners!

North West Cavaliers is growing and becoming very popular and they have recently decided to create a website because of their growing members so I was asked to do some photography for them. Which, of course, I was happy to accept and I also jumped at the chance to bring Ruby Lou to one of their meets at the Dogs Country Club in Warrington whilst I captured the meet up.

We had a lovely time. It was like a little piece of heaven for me and my daughter Mae. Ruby was a little be worried but settled in when the treats came out!

I took great pleasure watching her play with other Cavaliers and it reminded me just how far she has come x

Thank You to North West Cavaliers for organising these events which are so good to help your dogs socialise in a safe environment, if anyone is interested in joining then please look at their website –