For a long time we have wanted to find Ruby Lou our beautiful Cavalier, a friend. Ruby is a complicated girl because of horrific dog attack she experienced many years ago so we had to make sure that Ruby’s new friend perfect in every way!

I knew that we wanted to adopt a dog, as their are so many dogs in need of loving homes so I was searching on the internet once again and as soon as I saw this  little girl on Many Tears Animal Rescue she melted my heart and I knew that she was one !

I filled an application form in and a few days later we had a home check to make sure we were the ideal family for the dog we wanted to adopt.

Thankfully we got the A ok and on the Saturday after our home check we all set off to Wales including Ruby lou so we could meet little Caira and make sure Ruby was happy with her companion.

When we arrived at Many Tears I was overwhelmed at how many beautiful dogs where their all waiting for a forever homes If I could I would simply had them all! A member of staff went into a kennel and I couldn’t belive my eyes when we first met her, she was a scared little girl who just didn’t know what was happening as we chatted to the helpful staff we learned that Caira had been rescued and flown from a Breeders in Ireland to Many Tears. She had never lived in a home, never been loved and had no human contact she had simply lived to have puppies and make money for the breeders!




Screen shot of Caira on the Many Tears website.






It is now ten days later, The transformation is amazing she has gained confidence, her cheeky personality is developing she has learnt to walk on a lead and above all she is has become an important, loved family member, a best friend to our Ruby Lou and of course another valid member of staff at Esther Marie Photography!

When I look at Caira, I wonder what life, if any would she have had if Many Tears Animal Rescue had not stepped in and helped her. The work they do is truly wonderful and I can honestly say I am so grateful to them for giving Caira and many other animals a chance of happiness.

As a business I try and support various animal charities as much as possible by doing events and auctioning gift vouchers and will continue to do so … But I wanted to do something more permeant as a thank you to Many Tears so I’m delighted to tell you that with every pet photography session you purchase I will donate money some of my session fee to Many Tears Animal Rescue to help raise much needed funds.

Please, please visit Many Tears Animal Rescue to see for yourself the inspirational work they do

Many Tears Animal Rescue (MTAR) is a small rescue based in South Wales but has dogs in foster homes throughout the UK. They take in and re-home primarily ex-breeding dogs who are no longer required; those on “death row” in the pounds and those whose owners are no longer able to keep them. MTAR also has a small cattery which enables them to take a small number of cats

  If you are considering buying a dog please consider adopting a dog from a rescue Center  and give a them a chance at life and find out what it means to be loved.

Here are a few shots Of Caira Rose ten days later x