Meet my beautiful girl Ruby! She is nine and a half years old and was the runt of the litter, Although small for her breed, she makes up for it with her courageous brave heart and insistent barking at any TV advertisement with a hoover in it!

Ruby had a rough start when, early on in her life, two aggressive dogs broke off their leads and attacked both her and me. It was probably one of the most horrific experiences of our lives.

I thought I had lost her but through some miracle, she pulled through. It took her a long time to recover but Ruby defined all the odds and became the pampered and very much loved princess she is today.

Thankfully Ruby has a clean bill of health but recently my girl has been slowing down a little with stiff joints. So it has been on my mind to take some time out and photograph Ruby in the studio.

I’m sure you are astounded to hear although I’m a professional photographer with my studio on hand, like you, life gets in the way and I simply keep putting it to the bottom of my list of things to do! I’m happy to tell you that I did make some time in my diary,  we had a lovely afternoon in the studio and I created some beautiful portraits of our girl.

It did get me thinking that if I, someone who values and knows how important beautiful photography is, is procrastinating and not making time, I’m sure there are many people who love their dogs just as much as me, who are too.

So this is why I have created, The Golden Years Pawtrait Session. The portrait session is for our older dogs and for dogs which are sadly unwell. I will create beautiful, timeless pawtraits of your dog to treasure.




 This extra special session can be purchased as a gift voucher for yourself or a loved one  at our special cost of only £55, which includes:

 A photography session –

 A gift for your dog –

 3 digital social media images with a discreet watermark.

 Viewing at my studio

£50 print credit towards artwork 




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