You can imagine my delight when I received this lovely handwritten letter from one of my workshop students Maddie Roberts the other day!

I first met Maddie a few years ago when I was exhibiting at Horse of the Year show. As I chatted to Maddie it was obvious to me that Maddie was at a crossroads, she was near the end of her college education and she loved photography but wasn’t sure if she could study photography at University level. Her confidence in her ability and her work was low, something which most creatives I know are plagued with at different points in there careers (myself included) In fact, to be honest she reminded me so much of myself when I was Maddie’s age!

We chatted together about photography, horses  and art for a while and I saw how much she loved the subject as she spoke with so much passion about it. She was an absolute pleasure to speak to.

Fast forward a few weeks and Maddie applied for Falmouth University.  Maddie’s mum booked her onto my one-to-one workshop which includes a mentoring day with me.

We spoke via Skype a few times before they made the journey from London up to my studio so by the time we met it was already clear we were going to be firm friends.

The workshop day was great fun and we managed to cover numerous topics that Maddie specifically wanted to address. We even did an equine photography shoot too and I was pleased to help prepare and advise Maddie for her University interview which was looming!

I’m so pleased to say that Maddie was accepted into Falmouth University. We have kept in touch over this last year too.  I have seen Maddie blossom into a wonderful photographer, her confidence has grown and grown as she progresses through her amazing degree course.

In Maddie’s latest letter, she sent me an early draft of her latest photography project called “Strangers” which concentrated on the equine community.  Her work for this project will be made into a “Zine”. It is absolutely beautiful. I’m so proud of Maddie and I really wanted to share her journey with you but more importantly, I wanted to share some of her work as she is going to be one to watch out for in the next few years.

Please have look at Maddie’s work below and check out her Instagram page @m_t_rphotography.

If you’re inspired by Maddie’s story, then you may be interested to know that I am developing some small workshops to be held at my studio for students who love photography and simply wish to learn more. Please email me and I will email you some information once all the final details are in place. x