Esther is a highly acclaimed professional equine photographer with over 15 years of experience. She is a qualified member of British Institute of Professional Photography and is currently working on her first edition book “Wild Hearts”. She has a natural affinity with animals and people which enables her to capture tender, evocative moments in her photography. 

Your fine art photography session will capture the beauty of your horse at liberty in their own environment or at a special location if your horse is happy to be travelled. Esther will then set to work capturing the grace, power and beauty of your horse in a way which you know and love. 

We have a range of beautiful artwork to display your photographs. One of my personal favourites is the print box which holds 20 beautiful mounted fine art prints.  It’s a very personal way to present your images with a final finishing touch of having your horses name engraved on the top of the box.

Or perhaps you wish to own totally unique artwork, a one of a kind, photo encaustic artwork is hand made with layers of the finest beeswax and damar wax, infused with heat and colour to create a wonderful, textured artwork of your own. This is truly one of a kind statement piece which will come with a certificate of authentication.

However you choose to display your fine art photography you will be certain to have a truly individual, fine art piece which is completely personal to you.

Esther also works on personal fine-art projects throughout the year creating equine photographic artwork for exhibitions and which are also available for purchase on Esther Marie’s dedicated  Fine Art Photography Website. Please feel free to have a browse.

Hand crafted

Each piece of artwork is meticulously made with great care so that each piece is unique.

Photo Encaustics

Mixed Media – An emotive technique which produces amazing artwork that you will cherish.


Printed on the finest German Etching Paper which has archival qualities that ensures your print will last for over 100 years without fading.



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Beautiful horse por             ztraits celebrating you, your horse and the connection you share.


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